The 2nd Thursday evening
of each month.
7:00-8:30 PM

Seward Civic Center
616 Bradford St.
Seward, NE

There is no fee for attendance
Please give to help build the Children's Memorial.
$ 350000
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$ 150000
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Jan. 11, 2015
You may also take your donation to any Union Bank and Trust branch.
Welcome to Heartfelt Seward
PCM and Heartfelt

You may have noticed this donation box in the northeast corner of the Fast Mart parking lot, near the Chamber of Commerce sign. We have partnered with the People's City Mission in Lincoln for donations of clothing and other wearable items, as well as towels, bedding and other fabric items. Heartfelt does receive a stipend for sponsoring the box and managing the donations, which will go toward the maintenance of the Children's Memorial. Click here to download the donation receipt

2015 Heartfelt Gala Photos

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Children's Memorial

While the vision has been realized, we need your continued support.

The memorial stands on the Concordia University campus and it is for children of all ages, how old the child was when they died is not significant, to a parent they are their child forever. “Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
The memorial, designed within a park setting, will be a place that honors and remembers the lives of our children. For those whose child's resting place may not be near this community, it provides a place to visit and honor that child. For some, visiting a cemetery is very difficult, the memorial will be a place to seek hope and peace while reflecting on a loved one’s life.


We are a non-denominational grief support group for parents who have experienced the death of a child. This group is facilitated by qualified volunteers and professionals. Heartfelt Connections offers support, confidentiality, and promotes healthy grieving and recovery. It is a place for parents to share experience, seek information and offer support to each other.

Where Else. . .
  • Can you come into a group of complete strangers and talk about the death of your child?
  • Can you know that you are not alone in your bereavement?
  • Can others sincerely say to you, "I know how you feel"?
  • Will you not hear, "It's time you were over it and started getting on with your life" and other unwelcome advice?
  • Can you cry without feeling ashamed or laugh without feeling guilty?
  • Can you just listen and not talk if you do not wish to?
  • Can you reach out to newly bereaved parents who are experiencing the grief and pain you have felt?
  • Can you share the love and memories of your child(ren) with others?