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  We are honored that you have chosen the Heartfelt Children’s Memorial to host the memory of a child for all time.

    New bricks are etched every Spring and are dedicated at the Heartfelt Children’s Memorial Annual Remembrance which takes place on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. All are invited to join us to remember and celebrate the lives of our children, followed by refreshments and fellowship.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at or by phone at 402-803-1771.


Please read the following information carefully before submitting your order form and payment.

How am I eligible for a brick?

Any child ranging from unborn to adulthood, who has one living parent when the child passed, may be remembered with one brick on the Children’s Memorial walls.

  • Multiple names on one brick are allowed.

  • The Memorial bricks are designed for letters, spaces, dashes (-), slashes (/), and numbers only.

  • Each line can accommodate 18 characters and spaces.

  • Two sizes of Bricks are available: 

    • 4" x 8" bricks accommodate 3 lines of text and cost $125

    • 8" x 8" bricks accommodate 6 lines of text and cost $250

  • The form and full payment must be received by March 1st. All brick payments and forms received after this date will be etched the following year.          

  • A Memorial brick consent proof will be sent to the parent(s) for approval prior to etching.

  • If being purchased by a donor:

    • Parents will receive an introductory letter about the brick size and etching suggested. The parent will approve or edit the message to be etched on the brick.

Submit your order online, or Print it Here.  

Pay by mail or online through Venmo mobile app.

Brick Order Form

Please use this form to order a brick for a specific child.

You will also have the option to make a donation if you wish. 

All other donations can be made using our Donation Form here. 

Heartfelt Heart, no words.jpg

All brick inscriptions will be approved by the parent(s) of the child.

If you wish to make a donation along with your brick purchase, please complete the following.

Donation for a parent needing funds to purchase a brick.​

Donation for new flowers, trees, and plants. ​

Donations go towards both our Heartfelt Connections outreach and parent support and the upkeep and annual expenses of the Children's Memorial, printing costs, event expenses, etc.

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