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Heartfelt's passion is to provide education and support for everyone affected by loss. This includes grieving parents, family members, friends, coworkers as well as anyone who wants to show compassion after a loss.

Heartfelt Connections is a non-denominational support newsletter for parents who have lost a child/children.

We believe the loss of a child, no matter their age, is devastating to a parent. A parent's love never dies, from before birth through adulthood, children of all ages are forever in our hearts. 
We recognize the loss of a child from miscarriage to adult loss and invite all grieving parents to seek the support of this group.

Heartfelt Connections provides a circle of 
support and hope through outreach to parents affected by the loss of a child.

​Grief is a lifelong process.

It is overwhelming and at times it will feel virtually impossible to manage.


It will be the hardest thing you ever deal with, but

you can and will survive.​

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